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The hardest part about our job is sometimes we forget to share our wins and what we’re doing because we are so busy doing things for everyone else.


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"My favorite part about the program was being able to work one-on-one with Arden; she was always available when I needed help and was happy to answer any questions I had!"


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Arizona Native and Leader in Functional Medicine Offering Tips & Tests as COVID Mutates

September 09, 20222 min read

Arizona Native and Leader in Functional Medicine Offering Tips & Tests as COVID Mutates

With the rapid growth of cases, Family Tree Healthcare Clinic Owner providing solutions

PHOENIX, AZ – As ICU’s fill throughout Arizona and the state prepares for the COVID-19 outbreak to continue, LaWanda Mann, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and owner of Family Tree Healthcare Clinic, has partnered with the City of Phoenix to provide free testing while also working to open MotIVate Hydration and Shot Bar. Testing will be critical to help stop the spread while her work with IV Hydration Drip and Intramuscular shots will serve as preventative medicine that builds immunity from this virus.

Mann, who is also studying to earn her doctorate in nursing, has a family history of providing access and answers to major medical issues. Her mother was a long-time advocate with the American Diabetes Association and it’s with the memory and inspiration of her mother that Mann seeks to provide answers to her home state of Arizona.

“My sisters and I opened Family Tree Healthcare Clinic with the idea of providing quality healthcare throughout all of Phoenix; not just the higher income areas,” Mann said. “What I have seen as the spread of COVID has risen is that this virus is a great equalizer. We’re all susceptible to it. By working with the state to provide free testing, whether you have insurance or not, and also building a business that will allow patients to boost their own immunity, I believe what I’m doing for Phoenix will be a major gamechanger.”

As Phoenix numbers continue to rapidly rise and the COVID virus mutates, Mann and her team will stay active in being a part of the solution. This Saturday, July 18, Family Tree Healthcare Clinic, in partnership with the City of Phoenix, will host a free COVID-19 testing event from 6-11 a.m. at Metro Center Mall.


An Arizona native, she grew up watching her mom help patients, neighbors, and the community. She understood at an early age that we are our brother’s keeper. She answered that calling. She was a Registered Nurse for well over a decade with experience in inpatient care, E.R., hospice and case management. Realizing she could do more, LaWanda earned her Advanced Practice Nursing degree from the University of Phoenix in 2014, and currently practices as a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She believes that no amount of training will prepare her to learn more about her patients than listening to them. Working together, we can create a treatment that will benefit each individual patient.

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Arden McLaughlin

Arden McLaughlin created Definita because she saw how so many people with whom she came in contact had difficulty defining who they were. She saw what made them stand out in the marketplace, but they could not. Through her natural gift of storytelling, she could see the components that made businesses and people stand out and truly meet the goals they wanted to meet. Arden also builds relationships. She ensures anyone on her team knows she leads with truth and integrity. It's through these relationships that she can effectively tell her clients' stories. Definita is more than a PR agency. It's a way to build connectivity. It's a firm dedicated to sharing what you love to do with the world. It's a methodology honed and perfected throughout Arden's many years of practicing public relations. She's excited to bring that methodology to every person with whom she works.

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