Nurse Entrepreneurs Release New Book with Goal to Empower and Impact Healthcare Professionals Throughout the Country

September 07, 20223 min read



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Nurse Entrepreneurs Release New Book with Goal to Empower and Impact Healthcare Professionals Throughout the Country

CHARLOTTE, NC – SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 – Veronica Southerland, FNP-BC, along with 18 of her Mentor Me nurses announce their newest project A Nurse’s Journey To Entrepreneurship. This book is a culmination of decades of work within the nursing industry – from growing up with dreams of nursing to overcoming adversities such as racial disparities, teen pregnancies, and language barriers to see their childhood dreams become a reality. This book is now available for purchase.

In January of 2022, these 18 nurses joined Southerland, also known as Vee The NP, for a six-month intensive business builder program. Throughout this program, these nurses learned high-level business practices plus day-to-day growth tactics. They each are now healthcare business owners in states across the country.

“Creating a business-focused mentorship program for nurses is easy for me, almost a no-brainer,” Southerland said. “I’m a serial entrepreneur with quite a few successful businesses in my portfolio. But to me, that doesn’t mean much if I’m not teaching my fellow nurses who want options in addition to their bedside role. I’ve learned A LOT of lessons in my decades of being in business. My calling is to pour out all I’ve learned.”

A Nurse’s Journey To Entrepreneurship launch serves as a pinnacle for these nursing professionals. Each of them wrote their own story and allowed it to be woven into the fabric of the story of nurse entrepreneurship.


These nurses will convene on Atlanta September 23, 2022. September 23, they will present to the Health Occupations Students of America program at South Atlanta High School as well as awarding the school a scholarship.

The goal of this book, and the celebration at the school, is to pour into the next generation of nurses. The students will get to benefit from stories of women who look like them while gaining direct access to mentors who can help them navigate the tricky waters of post-high school education.


·       Adriane M. Brown, MHA, BSN, RN – Washington

·       Adrienne Cox, RN, BSN – Florida

·       Alisha Cruz, ADN, RN – Delaware

·       Brenda Parks DNP, APRN, MPH – Florida

·       Christella Medozile MSN, LNC, APRN, FNP-BC – New York

·       Cynthia Ambroise, RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC – North Carolina

·       Delana Newcoste Charles, RN, MLD-C – Louisiana

·       Khadijah Fife Latham, BSN, RN – New York

·       Kierra Ward, BSN, RN – Georgia

·       LaTesha Dennard, RN, BSN, FNP(s) – Georgia

·       Mirabelle Beck, MSN, FNP, NP-C – New York

·       Novia Markes, MSN, APRN, FNP-C – Florida          

·       Paige Munk, ADN, RN – Missouri

·       Qiana Brost, MSN, RN – Maryland

·       Rakiema Sellars-Pompey, RN, BSN, CEN - California        

·       Sabrina Willis, MBA-HCA, BSN, RN CCPS, CPHQ – North Carolina

·       Shaynae Smith, RN – Texas 

·       Sherry Williams, B.Ed, RN – Texas

·       Veronica Southerland, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, DNP(s) – North Carolina

Each nurse will have events throughout the country as well as their home states to share personal stories.





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