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Deana Cook, MSN, ANP-BC, Launches Children's Book Series

November 09, 20222 min read

Nurse Practitioner Takes Healthcare Experience & Writes Children’s Book on Anxiety

“Why Is Ruby Barking” showcases the author’s Frenchies’ story of anxiety to spark conversation 

Deana Cook, MSN, ANP-BC, released the first book in The Adventures of Bella & Ruby today entitled “Why is Ruby Barking” and is now available for pre-order. Bella and Ruby, Cook’s real life Frenchies inspired this book series. Ruby, the main character of the first book, experiences anxiety and her owners take special care to address Ruby’s needs.

According to the CDC, 9.4% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 5.8 million) were diagnosed with anxiety in 2016-2019 and 4.4% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 2.7 million) have diagnosed depression in 2016-2019. These are pre-COVID numbers and studies are showing these numbers continue to rise. 

Why is Ruby Barking?

It’s with this in mind, that Cook wrote her children’s story. She wants to create an open dialogue about anxious and depressed feelings between children and caregivers through the story of Ruby and Bella. 

“Bella is social and friendly,” Cook said. “As I saw in my book and Ed Rosas illustrates so well, Bella loves every dog she meets. She even shares treats! Ruby is the opposite. She stays close to me and barks at other dogs. She even barks at photos of herself! We see this a lot in children as well. Usually the ‘barking’ in children also known as ‘acting out’ signifies a cry for help. I want real conversations to happen around this book. I’m excited to see its impact!”


Cook, along with Bella & Ruby, will host a launch party in partnership with Evereve in Franklin, TN, November 11, 2022, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. CST. 

Everyone is welcome!

Guests can purchase their books, get autographs from the author and her pups, and shop local with Evereve where everything will be 15% off in honor of the party.


Cook and her Frenchies are available for story times and author talks. 


The Adventures of Bella & Ruby are based on the author's two adorable French Bulldogs. Deana Cook created her first book, “Why is Ruby Barking?” to open dialogue around anxiety for little ones. Ruby, like so many other dogs and children in this world, has episodes where she does not feel comfortable in her setting, and she tends to act out. Throughout her child-friendly story, Cook explores Ruby's anxiety and showcases ways to address it.

The mission of The Adventures of Bella & Ruby Series is to spark joy while also teaching valuable life lessons to children and their caretakers. The vision of The Adventures of Bella & Ruby Series is to help our readers feel connected to the stars of this series while also seeing a bit of themselves in each story.

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